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From: bill jensen
Subject: Dude from KSYXWhen I was a kid I had a paper route. Saturdays I spent a lot of time
collecting. One Saturday I made about the third time trying to catch this
dude home. He was a disc jockey for radio station KSYX and every time I
tried he was either not home or had a sign 16 year porn pics on his door, Night Worker.Let me tell you a little about him and about me. He is a big black dude,
late twenties played sports until he got injured. He didn't really need to
work because he was pretty highly paid when he played. I'm 15 and a real
nerd. The only thing I know about sex is damn little and the only thing
I've ever done is beat off and 14-year-old girl nonude one time squeezed the tits of the girl in
front of me at the movie.Anyway, this one Saturday I caught him home. When he opened the door and
saw me he said, "Hey there white boy."And I replied "Howdy boss man."We kidded each other like that. He knew that I didn't know what the racial
thing was all about so we got on fine."I suppose you want some money?" he said."Yowsa," I replied.He asked me in and we headed for his office. I was blown away when I
looked at it because on the TV was a woman giving a guy a blowjob. He
reached over and shut it off saying, "Sorry about that.""You don't have to shut it off on my account," I said, "I've never seen a
movie like that before."He looked at me and smiled and reached over and turned it back on. The guy
had a big cock and 14 years sexy pics I mean big. My little weenie is only about 4 inches
long so I guess any cock would be big to me. The gal was taking it almost
all the way into her mouth. I couldn't believe it."How does she do that Boss Man?" I asked."Well Boy," he replied, "That girl is a dedicated cock sucker and has
practiced that since she was a teenager. It takes a lot of cocks and a lot
of sucking.""But I mean I didn't know cocks came that big," I mused."Well Boy, that ain't nothing.""What do you mean, Boss?""I mean there is a bigger one in here," 10-16 years sex as he rubbed his crotch.I didn't know what was going on here as my eyes darted from the TV screen
to his crotch as he continued to rub. I did notice that the bulge in his
pants was getting larger and the guy in the movie shot his stuff all over
the girls face and it was getting smaller."Well now that he is thru we can turn this off," Boss man said, "And
concentrate on what's going on here. Would you like to young 16 years porno see a real cock?""I guess," I stammered.In 13 year girlsex movies an instant Boss Man's pants were open and dropped to the 13 years nude webcam
floor. Then
his underwear followed and he stood there with this about 9 inches of black
meat starring me in the face. He slowly stroked it and for some reason my
little weenie was getting hard and my dry."Do you jack off," he asked."Well, yess," I stammered."Ever jack off one 14 years porno japan
of your buddies?""Yeah, I've got one friend I mess around with.""Have you ever sucked him?""NO," I replied."Why not? Young guys do it all the time. My brother and I used to suck
each other off a lot when we were in high school."Boss Man had sat down on the couch be side me as he talked. 12 years girl xxx He continued,
"Which one of the people in the movie did you identify with, the man or the
woman?""Well I guess I was curious about both," I replied. "I wondered how her
mouth felt on his cock and how is cock felt in her mouth.""I can help you," he said, "With the how a mouth feels with a cock in it
but not the other."He put his hand on my shoulder and said, "What is happening today has to
remain our secret you know. I could get in a hell of a lot of trouble if
people found out I was messing around with someone your age.""I know," I said. My breath was short, my mouth dry but I didn't know why.
I know I was anticipating what was going to happen next but was sure I
wanted it to happen."Would you like to feel my meat?""Ah, yes," I said.Boss Man scooted down on the couch so he was pretty much laying down. His
hard cock was so big and so long sticking straight up in the air. I slowly
moved my hand over to it and ran one finger up and down the shaft. I
looked at him and he was just laying there with his eyes closed. Then I
put my hand around it like I had seen the girl in the movie do. The whole
cock was so hard and hot but the skin was very soft. Kind of like velvet.
I stroked it up and down, jacking him off. I had the damdest urge to run
my tongue up and down it. To take the head in my mouth. I WANTED to give
him a blowjob."Run your hand down the shaft and gently squeeze my balls," he instructed.I did as instructed for a bit and then brought my other hand into action.
I stroked with one hand and massaged with the other. My friend just laid
there enjoying my efforts. His breath got short and his moans asia ten year sex louder. I
had just got up guts enough to lick the head of his dick when it erupted.
Long sticky stings of man juice shot into the air, the first one landing on
my face the others on his stomach. I used my finger to push the cum into
my mouth where I discovered I really like the taste. He just laid there so
I bent over him and licked up the cum from his stomach.When he recovered I was offered a soda which I accepted. We chatted about
music and school and stuff until I was finished. As I headed for the door
he suggested I collect weekly from now on.
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